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Robin Hood Lost Scenes

What you didn't see on T.V.

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A place for fanfic authors to write about their favorite episodes of Robin Hood.
My first community! I really need to get a life!

This is the place for everyone to post their favorite "lost scenes" for BBC and Tiger Aspect's Robin Hood.

Don't like the way an episode ended? Write your own ending? Nasty little character death got you blue? (and we know which ones!) Resurrect em here!

The rules:

1. If itsn't your original work, give credit and ask permission! (A link to their personal journal would be nice too.)

2. Don't like spoilers, me neither! use lj-cut for any episode spoilers and pictures and be sure to warn your readers in your description. Remember us Yanks and other people across the pond get RH later than you lucky Brits. If it's beyond mid season 2 it's all spoilers to us.

3. Use movie ratings to keep from educating our younger readers too early. G, PG, PG-13, NC-17, and XXX if necessary. Tell us why too! Sexual content, language, adult themes and violence.

4. We will only use flames to toast marshmellows for yummy smores and yes, we must share them with Much.

5. Have fun and message me if you have questions. It's ok. I don 't bite. There are no stupid questions but you might get a lame answer.